The Truth About Recording Schools

If you found us through the Internet, you would have
probably found 9-10 other schools. Here is a brief summary of what they offer. These are the facts from their own listings:

• • • Two are huge businesses with no real recording engineers. Both also teach Web Design and Computer Animation! And they are very expensive.

• • • Two are just paid advertisements for equipment retailers.

• • • Some are actually run by engineers but I was disappointed when I read their courses. One cost almost $1,000 and has only 326 pages in it! The AIA course has over 500 pages at less than half the price.

• • • One course claims to have over 600 pages. But they use really large type and lots of blank spaces on every page. Each of their pages contains less than half the information that AIA pages contain.

• • • Another one of these owners brags about being #1 but in all his long-winded talk there is not one word about his experience in an actual recording studio. I asked if he had ever worked as a recording engineer. His answer shocked me! He said, "Not actually, but in high school I once did make a tape of the school band!" His price is as outrageous as his lack of experience!


Our graduates talk about other schools: 

• • • I registered for another course "audio masterclass" and it was so dry and technical.  Your course is made for normal people. Great Job. Sean Burns - Columbus, OH

• • • I met a guy who says he paid almost $60,000 for his son to go to school at Full Sail - he graduated and doesn't know a third of what I know. AIA is the truth. Talaferrio Tucker, Concord NC 28025

• • • I had a stint with "SAE" way back in 2001. YOUR COURSE KICKS SAE'S BACK-SIDE ! - Amuthan Sundar - Chennai, India

• • • The knowledge I've gained from AIA is worth 50k at "Full Sail" or any other university in the field of music production. Your school ROCKS!!! Ralph Orlando - Carolina, PR

"Subprime degrees from place like Full Sail are typically held in such low regard that it is difficult for grads to find jobs that pay enough to cover their loans" - San Francisco's SF weekly newspaper.


The single most important question for you to ask any school is:

Who is my instructor and how much actual real recording studio experience does he have?

• Peter Miller is not an "ivory tower professor" who hasn't been on a real studio gig in years. Peter is in touch!

• He knows how the music industry operates because he's been part of it since the sixties. And he still is.

• He's made hundreds of records and CDs and built 4 recording studios.

• He's run an independent record label and produced artists for over 40 years.

• Can any other school claim to have a teacher who is actually in the Hall of Fame?

 Audio Institute of America Vs. the competition

For the best value and results — a comparison of recording schools

Why spend a lifetime repaying a student loan? Is it worth it?

It is important to have realistic salary expectations. To help you make financial decisions about how much tuition you're willing to pay and how much money in loans you're willing to go into debt for, here are some surprising facts that other schools don't tell you.

MOST RECORDING ENGINEERS EARN LESS THAN $40,000 PER YEAR! And most students that come out of the large recording schools can't even find a job at all.

Training for four years - or even one year is overkill. We can teach you everything you need to know to make great sounding recordings in just twelve weeks.

Why does the AIA course cost so much less than other courses?

•  We don't have to pay huge salaries to "financial advisors" who's sole job it is to fix you up with a gigantic student loan. We don't have to equip classrooms and recording studios with tons of flashy gimmicks that you just don't need.

• You will be able to send your songs and mixes to your instructor for a detailed evaluation. Some schools charge extra for this service. We have NEVER charged you for listening to your music.

12 Clues to Questionable Schools 

1.They hire teachers with only 2 years experience.

2. Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

3. High costs and hidden fees

4. Emphasis on daydreams and pipe-dreams

5. Untruthful number of years in business

6. False claims about their students success rate.

7. No Department of Education license

8. No mailing address or PO Box.

9. Too much hype, not enough facts.

10. No Diploma issued

11. No telephone contact number

12. No detailed description of the course itself

These are the facts . . . the rest is up to you! 

• You can try out the AIA Music Production and Recording Engineer Course at no risk with our full-refund guarantee. If you do not find the course fully suitable for your requirements, just tell us within 15 days and your money will be refunded in full. No questions asked.

Your Instructor is a member of
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S.)

All AIA Graduates receive a FREE lifetime membership in
The Society of International Recording Engineers (S.I.R.E.)