Triple Bonus — FREE gifts

     1. Three Major Recording Magazines

           2. Complete Audio Dictionary

             3. Mixing Training Poster


1. Recording Magazines

Recording Magazines:
You will receive copies of Recording magazine, EQ magazine and Mix magazine. They are the most widely read recording magazines in the world.

They will keep you in touch with the absolute latest updates and equipment releases plus interesting interviews with world-class engineers and producers.

They also contain articles about unique recording techniques and honest reviews and ratings for the latest and greatest recording equipment.


2. Audio Dictionary 

The Audio Institute of America has compiled a special Audio Dictionary that contains hundreds of words and phrases that are used in recording and live sound.

Often, in the recording studio, engineers and musicians use their own jargon which has its own distinctive language.

For example do you know what this means: "Gimme 5 more dibs on the kick in my cans."

Translation: Turn up the volume of the bass drum in my headphones!


3. Mixing Training Poster

This unique and valuable training aid is a full sized (40 X 30 inches) highly-detailed illustration of a large 24 track mixing console.

All the controls knobs are set in the exact positions to show you how each and every sound is achieved. To look at a full size version the Mixing Training Poster click here



In addition to your FREE Triple Bonus, you will also become a lifetime member of the Society of International Recording Engineers. It is the largest private recording association of its kind in the world today. It is now opening its membership to all AIA students  immediately upon enrollment.

Among many other benefits, S.I.R.E. offers you an easy way to get acquainted with recording engineers, music producers, recording artists and record companies all over the world and to find out about job opportunities, salaries and the latest high-tech advances in our ever-changing industry.

Imagine how helpful this is going to be when it comes time to market your music or look for work in state-of-the-art studios around the world.
The Society of International Recording Engineers is an exclusive club which will soon have thousands of Recording Engineer and Music Producer members from all around the world.
Furthermore, the discussion forums are invaluable for engineers to exchange ideas and solve problems - live - in real time!

The Triple Bonus is shipped to you immediately upon your enrollment

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Your Instructor is a member of
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S.)

All AIA Graduates receive a FREE lifetime membership in
The Society of International Recording Engineers (S.I.R.E.)